Mail Call


From Rearden Metal:

At the end of 2007 I entered a competition.  I didn’t expect to win anything, but lo and behold, near to Christmas a package arrived.


From Tim Baynes:

"I was delighted to receive may consignment of super-Moleskines They arrived on Monday one day after my birthday.."


From Raylene Gorum:

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful books- they are
spectacular with the engraving!  What a way to celebrate!  I think the
Calendar- Diary may change my life 🙂  …for the better.  I enjoyed
participating in your gallery review and wanted to share this image
with you to continue the celebration of of Moleskinerie.  Cheers to the
fifth year!"

2 thoughts on “Mail Call

  1. congrats! boy, i really do want a special edition of a moleskine sketch book. but i just can´t seem to get them here in germany. 🙁

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