My Lovely Moleskine


Alex Charchar of Retinart has written a couple of articles on Moleskine notebooks which we will feature this week. The first post is a look into the history of the notebooks and an overview of what makes them so loved.

"Opening to the first page, you are presented with a thick paper stock with space to write an "in case of loss" address and how much you’d offer as a reward is found—most likely inspired by Chatwins example. Turn the page again and the paper stock that makes these books so lovely is shown in all its glory, marked with either soft grey lines to write on, a grid or no lines at all—depending on your flavour of Moleskine. It is this stock, as well as the high grade of craftsmanship that sets these notebooks aprart from its competitors. And such a well selected paper stock it is; the off-white stock lusts for the markings of your ink or graphite, giving such a smooth ride, that once you start marking the pages, you don’t want to stop…"