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Courtney Reimer wrote on Newsday:

"Kevin Johnston is a self-described "tech-geek" who takes pride in being among the first to buy the newest Apple gadgets as soon as they hit the market. But much as he’s obsessed with all things digital and of-the-moment, Johnston has equal passion for a decidedly retro piece of "information technology": the Moleskine notebook.

Moleskines (pronounced (mol-a-skeen-a) – the matte-black hardcover notebooks their makers say mirror those used by Hemingway, van Gogh and Picasso – are a favorite among people like Johnston, who say they appreciate design and quality as much as functionality.

"It’s about feel for me. Just the feel of the high-stock paper, and turning the page and pressing it down into the spine. It just feels important," said Long Island-bred Johnston, 33, who pays regular visits to his family in Kings Park and Garden City when he’s not plugging away at his writing career in Manhattan. "It makes my writing feel more important than it probably is."

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  1. I’ve always called it “MOle-skeen”. That’s what I’ve heard everyone else say all this time. Then I’ve seen it called “MOle-skeen-a”. But this I have never heard.

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