Sketch as Legitimate IA Tool


The Geniant blog recently posted a fine article by T. Scott Stromberg, an Information Architect on sketch as a legitimate IA tool.

"One of the greatest advantages of sketching is that it can become a
foundational tool which can easily be used to more fully explore your
design treatments and architectural studies. The ability to hand-craft
wireframes might take some practice, but the benefits gained from their
use in client presentations can be priceless. High-fidelity,
computer-generated deliverables can be a perfectly adequate way to
present your ideas, but there is something liberating about being able
to break out a pen and paper and clearly record creative ideas without
the use of a computer. Likewise, there is also a special credibility
gained with clients when your deliverables are handcrafted and
unique—especially when they excite and empower your audience to
participate in the creative process."


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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