SXSW Interactive Moleskine Sketchnotes




From our friend Mike Rohde:

I’ve just completed scanning, tuning and uploading 34 pages of sketchnotes I captured in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook at SXSW Interactive earlier this week.

I think the sketchnotes turned out well, and it was no problem for
me to continuously create them for nearly every session I attended. I
certainly went through ink in my G2 mini pens — I’m glad I brought
several along.

More at Rohdesign.

One thought on “SXSW Interactive Moleskine Sketchnotes

  1. Armand, thanks for the mention! I love using the Moleskine pocket sketchbook for these notes: the size and paper thickness work perfectly for me in conjunction with my G2 gel pens.

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