The Notebook of Wendy Macnaughton



"i live in oakland and work in san francisco.  i draw people on public transportation, mostly in the SF Bay Area, on my way to and from work, during rush hour, twenty minutes each way.  always in a Moleskine. well, a few times i tried another surface, but with minimal success, so i switched back.sometimes i paint them later, after i get home."

Wendy Macnaughton

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One thought on “The Notebook of Wendy Macnaughton

  1. I have almost a reverence for people who can do this. I guess my own draftsmanship needs some work, but actually drawing people in close quarters makes the setup so much more pressured for someone who isn’t great at drawing to begin with. Do these people know that they are posing for you? I guess it’s hard to hide. Do you get their consent? I heard of someone who would draw surreptitiously on newspaper and it’s something I’ve wanted to try.

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