The Sketches of Bruno Leyval



I’m a French artist and I live & work in Mulhouse.
I work mainly with Chinese ink on paper, pen and brush. For
me, the ink is synonymous with purity, simplicity and
spirituality. The themes of my works are: the struggle of
minorities, the right to be different, respect, music, the
great men of this world, philosophy, Asian culture, Tibet,
the Amerindian… I realize my studies on history Moleskine

I like the paper quality and beauty of Moleskine notebooks.
They are truly beautiful objects that I collect as well.

Bruno Leyval

© 2008 BBL


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2 thoughts on “The Sketches of Bruno Leyval

  1. These are really really beautiful…I wonder if you somehow work with photographic images, even as a reference?

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