The Undiscovered Letter


Disclosure will feature an exhibit of this elusive, not-yet letter as it has been conceived by the 27 finalists, from initial notebook sketches and scribbles to completed designs. An international panel of
judges will further select personal favorites from among these
finalists, but only one entry will be named “The 27th Letter.”
Expectations are high, as the competition was open exclusively to ADC Young Guns alumn – under-30
professionals in various creative disciplines who have been selected
biennially for their exceptional talent.

The contest, designed by the ADC in partnership with
Moleskine to raise awareness about lettera27, presented an unusual
puzzle in its intentionally broad scope. In a tribute to literacy
advocates and their search for unique and unconventional solutions, ADC
Young Guns were encouraged to do away with boundaries and tackle the
challenge of The Undiscovered Letter in any manner they wished to
choose – through any subject, form, skill, and/or medium. Their
challenge has been to push the meaning of communication forward and to
set the missing 27th letter outside the box that holds the familiar

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  1. I always wish art contests like this could be entered by more people. Maybe with a submitted fee?

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