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I was sitting at Starbucks this morning writing in my Moleskine Journal. My wife was sitting across from me. The thought hit me, "I wonder what my wife/friends will say as they reads this journal… when I am dead and gone".

Perhaps a morbid thought, however, I write really heavy, personal things in my journal. Honestly, there are things in the journal that my wife/friends are clueless about. It might scare them. If they read them now I might be divorced and friendless… lol.

Anyone else ever thought about that?

Anyone do "Secure Storage" (Safety Deposit Box or Safe) so that no one can secretly read them while you are still breathing?

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8 thoughts on “What will people say about your journal

  1. I am shocked by how little embarassment I feel I would face over anything that I have written a couple of months after the fact.

  2. I must confess that I’ve thrown out journals a year after writing them in order to prevent them from being read by anyone else. I’ve only done it twice, but I don’t regret it.

  3. Yes, I have thought about this and it does two contradictory things–sometimes I decide it just really doesn’t matter if they see it and other times I don’t write that thought down. One is quite liberating and the other makes me my own censor.

  4. I’m conscious of the fact that my wife snoops in my journals: “Who’s this ‘Black-eyed priestess’ you wrote about in this poem?”

    I’m getting tired of defending everything I write. And, echoing the comment above, I resent having to censor myself in a forum that SHOULD be only for me.

  5. I had this horrible experience when I was in college. I had found out that my mother had been reading all of my personal thoughts I had written in my journals for almost a century. She would tell her family and I’am sure friends. Then one day she made a comment that would only suggest to me that she had read them through. It made me feel horrible and to this day embrassed of what she knows. I have had a hard time even though I am married to another avant journal keeper that my thoughts can be mislending to someone who reads them. I feel my thoughts in the future may help my children understand the works and feelings I could not express so this is why I put my fears aside and continue writing. Thanks for the post it really made me process how I was feeling about the topic that hits home.

  6. You aren’t alone. Sometimes even I have a hard time reading my journals, especially from some of the lower points in life. I plan on scanning them all to a few disks, so that in case of the worst my thoughts won’t be lost.
    But take heart; your journals are your own and any true friend would understand that they were never meant to be read. I have (regrettably) destroyed a few of my own journals, but because of the content it was a liberating experience. The bottom line? What you write for yourself is for YOU and you only. And if worse comes to worse, you could always request to be buried with your precious Moleskine 🙂 Just kidding.

  7. When my sister died at the age of eleven, she left 6 diaries. They were all buried with her without any of us opened even one of them. It felt like the right thing to at the time, although 10 years later I sometimes wish I could could have the choice to “be with her” in her own little secret world. But even if they existed today I think I would feel like I betrayed her trust to read them.

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