DETOUR Paris : Submit your notebook!


This itinerant group exhibition displays the Moleskine notebooks designed by over 30 artists, writers, designers and illustrators of international acclaim.

After the successful experiences in London and New York, the exhibition will land at the Printemps Design boutique in the Pompidou Centre,
before taking to the road again, first for Berlin, then Venice,
Istanbul, etc. At every leg of the journey, it magnetizes new artists
having special connections with the city in which the exhibition is
taking place.

Visitors may leaf through the
personal Moleskine notebooks of artists, designers, architects,
illustrators and writers. Some notebooks contain detailed stories,
expressing a study of contemporary design. Others are more improvised.
Others are radically personal.


From 24 April to 17 May 2008, at one of the following stores in Paris:

– Librairie Flammarion in the Centre Pompidou

– Librairie la Hune, 170, Boulevard Saint-Germain

– Printemps Haussmann, 64, Boulevard Haussmann

you will find a special MyDetour collecting box, identified within the store by the "Moleskine" and "MyDetour" trade marks. Your personalized Notebook, which must have your first name and last name written in it, should be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the completed Consent Form (release of intellectual property rights, and consent to the processing of your personal data), which the Notebook’s author must have signed (not a photocopy).

The Consent Form must be inserted in the expandable pocket of your Notebook, and the section "Biographical note on the Author" may be completed also.

The envelope containing the Notebook and the signed Consent Form must then be deposited in one of the collecting boxes.
Out of all the Notebooks deposited in the collecting boxes during the period 24 April to 17 May, the Jury will select ten on the basis of their aesthetic and artistic merit. These ten Notebooks will be put on public display at the next MyDetour event in Berlin.

Furthermore the Jury will choose an overall winner among the ten selected Notebooks, and Moleskine will invite its author to Berlin to attend the inauguration of the Detour exhibition there.


Download Detour_myDetour_Paris.pdf