Discussion: Which moleskine would you use for short trips?



I have a moleskine question and wonder if you could help me.  I
accompany my husband on most of his business trips and wonder which
moleskine would be best for short trips.

I  was thinking it would be fun to use a new one for each trip but
since most trips are short (3-4 days on average and maybe 5-6 if
international) I wonder which one I might buy?  I would be using it to
paste little momentos, tickets, photos and some writing.

Also, is there a good resource for finding nice stores in cities with
stationery stores that carry moleskine?  I would like to see all the
styles in person in one place!

Thank you for your help.


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3 thoughts on “Discussion: Which moleskine would you use for short trips?

  1. Hi Debbie,

    Since you mentioned pasting in tickets and cards you may wish to use a Moleskine sketchbook. The pages are blank, thick, and hold glue and gesso very well. If you use the ruled version your pages are more suitable for writing especially with a fountain pen but glue and gesso may spill over. Barnes & Noble has a nice collection of notebooks for check them out either online or go to one of their stores.

    Good luck!

  2. I really would weigh in on the vote for the larger sized notebooks. It will still fit in your purse. I think the regular paper takes rubber cement well enough. The pocket-sized notebooks are really a little too small imo to be scrapbooks.

  3. I use both. I always have the pocket sized in my purse but for trips I bring along the larger notebook. Any moleskin will really do as long as I have at least one!

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