Do you use both left and right sides of your moleskine?


Becka Lee:

FRONT AND THE BACK OF PAGES?"… I use to use every inch of mine, I’d collage on
the back sides if my ink bled through. Now however I only use the right hand
front sides. I think it was a chain reaction from buying the H20 color notebook
( only has one side). It’s cold pressed so the lack of pages is worth it for the
paper texture!"

Juan Kerr says:
I use all sides unless, like yourself, I get excessive bleed. In this
case I either paste a picture or leave it as it is.

boesgaard says:

I use both sides.

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4 thoughts on “Do you use both left and right sides of your moleskine?

  1. Personally, I am not satisfied unless every square inch of my Mole is covered in ink. I write in tiny scrawl, with about 35 lines per page (small notebook). I just love the idea of cramming as much information as possible into such a small package. Take that PDA!

  2. I didn’t use both side when I started 4-5 years ago, then I did for a year, now I’m back off it. I prefer the cleaner look when using only one side. But I feel bad about ‘wasting’ paper.

    I use fountain pens almost exclusively in them.

  3. been using a moleskin for about 3 years for notes at work. My wife says everyone who works for me would love to get their hands on my book! I use every page, both sides, its to good to waste any space. I also write with a mont blanc pen and carry a blackberry pearl phone. The other day in a cafe in london a guy sat down at a table next to me, ordered a coffee and put down his moleskine, mont blanc pen abd blackberry pearl – freaky??

  4. I use both sides as well however, when I paste in tickets or anything like that it is on the left side of my Moleskins leaving the right side neat and flat for writing. This does cause the left side to be loopy and sometimes difficult to write on but then I switch to marker and embellish with words in different fonts not using full sentences. I don’t like to waste paper either!

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