Featured Artist: Wil Freeborn


I recently moved from Glasgow to the coast in Gourock, Scotland and started drawing on the way to my work on the train. I found myself looking forward to seeing new places that I can draw and paint and hopefully bring something of that online to show where I’ve been. Somewhere in between it all I’ve ended up seeing much more of where I live and now its something I couldn’t really imagine not doing.

Er, stylewise I’m very much on a path of finding my own at the moment. Recently I’ve been moving away from outline/contour drawing to focusing on form and colour more, going for something slightly more finished.

With materials I’m a bit sparse. Its taken me a while to find what works with me well.

Faber Castell Pitt artist pens. They use indian ink and are waterproof. I’m really enjoying using the brown sanguine ones at the moment. Its a bit of a softer line than black.

Pentell Brush pen – to add a more random rougher aspect to my drawings.
Papermate – nonstop pencil.
Mountblanc – fountain pen with noodler’s waterproof ink
A set of travel watercolours

oh, and a moleskin sketchbook. I’m hoping for Moleskine to hopefully release a version of the sketchbook that’s a little more sympathetic to watercolour.

all the best,

Wil Freeborn

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