Handmade moleskine: a GTD planner for creative writers


For some time now I’ve been carrying around two Moleskine notebooks: a
limited edition 2008 red diary (planner) and a large ruled notebook.
The planner is for work and holds my Getting Things Done (GTD) system,
including a calendar and lists. It also holds all of my meeting notes
from work. The notebook is a home for all of my ideas related to
characters, plots, dialogue, titles, and any rough drafts that happen
to pop into my head during the day.

The problem with a two-notebook system should be obvious. I have to carry both notebooks everywhere.
And if the need arises for one while I’m using the other, I have to
switch between notebooks. (This can be especially uncomfortable in a
business meeting, when other people might wonder, "What’s so important
that he has to write in a separate notebook…?") Furthermore, the need
for two notebooks equates to twice the cost. After taxes, I’m probably
spending $35 to suit my notebook requirements.

Some weeks ago I
spent a night musing over my Moleskine mess. Turning the black ruled
notebook in my hands and ultimately inspecting its constituent parts, I
realized that it’s a fairly simple product. There is nothing
particularly outstanding or unusual about the "oilcloth" cover, the
paper, or even the elastic band.

That’s when I realized I could make one myself.

Mark Putnam
Learn more at his blog, "Write Damn  Now"

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Handmade moleskine: a GTD planner for creative writers

  1. Sophie Brown says:

    I’m a little wierd here. Someone says, “So it all costs $35.” And I’m like, well, what else would you rather buy? I’m on a small income, and I’ve never had any trouble with the price. I suppose if I had a LIFE like others…

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