Minimalist sketching kit

Moleskinerie pal Katherine Tyrrell is back from her desert adventures and blogging about it:


"Technically – this was what I worked out as the minimalist sketching kit to be
carried in my ‘bumbag’ (which I think might be known as a ‘fanny pack’ in the
USA) – a small sketchbook Moleskine and half a dozen pencils in desert colours
plus my usual pencil and pen. In reality I subsequently realised that I had the
potential to use a lot of space in the topbox or saddlebag panniers – but I was
trying to shed my "kitchensinkitis" reputation. Read on for why they were never

We headed for the Anzo-Borrego Desert through the east of
San Diego county along Interstate 8 (very near the USA border with Mexico). We
passed giant boulder fields of granite created by erosion due to extremes of
temperature – before turning north at Ocatillo on to S2 to go north to Ocatillo
Wells, then east along Highway 78 to the Salton Sea and then north to an area
where the San Andreas fault is well marked…."

Visit her blog, "Travels with a Sketchbook"