Moleskine City Notebooks: A Review


Dorchester, Massachusetts historian Charles Swift has posted a review of the Moleskine City Notebooks in his immaculately-kept blog, "The City Record and Boston News-Letter."

The City Notebooks attempt and succeed in bringing some of the aspects of blogging and Web 2.0 into a carry along book. The DIY aspect will work well, especially for those who do a lot of initial research before embarking on a vacation.  For those who live in cities which have their own notebooks, I see it as a useful tool, a vade mecum if you will.  I can also see loaning a City Notebook to a friend for them to take along on a trip and having them add to it as well.

One wonders if a cottage industry will develop to create content for City Notebooks. One feature I would like to see added to Moleskine City:  the ability to print out blog posts and other information in a City Notebook format.  For instance, if I were to create a tour of architectural sites in Boston with appropriate references to points on the City Notebook maps, it would be great to have other users be able to download and print that information in a format conducive to being stored in the City Notebook.

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