Moleskine Icons by Patrick Ng


Patrick Ng’s Moleskine Icons are back:)

The Moleskine icons for Mac was created in 2005 but since my service
provider crashed the entire site, I have been unable
to find a free and reliable hosting for the site and its relevant
contents. All updates of are now on this VOX blog. Due
to constant demand, I now put these icons back online for you to
download. (For some reasons in MacOSX Jaguar, the book no longer open
up when you hover a file over it.)

These icons can be used as folder, document or application icons.  Some even numbered so that you can organize your works.

Special thanks to Robert Fisher from Sketchbob for allowing me to use some of his artworks for a Robert Fisher Edition.  Enjoy!

Moleskine icons: Basic Edition
Moleskine icons: Robert Fisher Edition

More at his blog, Scription.