Moleskine Notebook Icons by Jeremy Salinas


I’m a long time reader of your blog yesterday i saw the Moleskine
icons you guys featured, and i was a little disappointed to hear it was
only for OSX, but it got me inspired to create some of my own! I
created over 20 PNG icons to be used in Windows (maybe osx?) or any
dock program.

Jeremy Salinas

LINK (Look for "Download" icon)


Update from Jeremy:

Even though I just released the first versions of these icons, I still
wasn’t happy. I’ve been playing with Adobe Fireworks for the last
days and decided to remake the icons in Fireworks instead of Photoshop
and am very happy with the results. If you would like to see or
download version 1 of these icons you can find them in my scraps.
now included are 128×128 ICO versions of the icons (for older operating
systems such as windows 98), that can be scaled
down to 16×16. Theres also about 15 more icons included in v2 than v1.
Even if you downloaded the original icons I hope that you give these a
look as they are much higher quality than the originals.

You can find the revised icons HERE