Our backyard friend’s silhouettes


Part of my new silhouette obsession: Winsor & Newton Black Indian
Ink atop delta ceramcoat atop gesso atop the pages of a Moleskine
(heavy stock) sketchbook.

We have no more critters in our backyard than anyone else, but I wage
that ours are the cutest, because of the quail. There’s a family, about
20 of them, that run the perimeter at dusk. The California Thrasher
couple have a nest somewhere in the hedge; when we lay in the sun by
the bird feeder, one of them will watch us from the grapefruit tree,
sometimes with a red worm in his mouth, for a half-hour or more.
Hummingbirds are always fighting, and the woodpeckers hae assaulted the
old olive tree on their continual hunt or boring insects.

By Stephanie
© All rights reserved

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