Eyes of the West Indies

Erik Gauger is back from his most recent photographic foray with stunning images – and stories from the West Indies. "I am on a boat, tied to a dock in a bay on the tiny island of Great Guana Cay... Read More


7 stages of Moleskine

Stage 1: Moleskine Pre-ownershipThe people who you look up to have one with them at all times. You cannot understand it. But you can’t deny it looks cool. You look for alternatives. There are none. If only you had a... Read More


Moleskine at the London Book Fair

"…my girlfriend was asked to donate two of her Moleskine sketchbooks for display on the Moleskine stand at the London Book Fair in Earls Court (ran from 14-16th April) I work in the print industry and got some invites to... Read More


DETOUR Paris : Submit your notebook!

This itinerant group exhibition displays the Moleskine notebooks designed by over 30 artists, writers, designers and illustrators of international acclaim. After the successful experiences in London and New York, the exhibition will land at the Printemps Design boutique in the... Read More


Josh Gate’s notebook

Brady MacDonald wrote: "I was on the SciFi channel’s page checking out their show called "Destination Truth".  The show’s host went over his travel gear and he listed Moleskine’s as a must have for using to journal with on his... Read More


Sojourner Leatherwork

I promised Christine, my wife, that if she married me, we would travel the world like in Hemingway’s Moveable Feast, living cheaply in a foreign land with one express purpose: to write.  So finally we saved up for a year,... Read More


Featured Artist: Wil Freeborn

I recently moved from Glasgow to the coast in Gourock, Scotland and started drawing on the way to my work on the train. I found myself looking forward to seeing new places that I can draw and paint and hopefully... Read More