Portrait Inking on the OQO Model 02


Interesting post by Ken Hinckley on a pocket PC and a notebook.

"The OQO Model 02 is almost the same size as my Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook. I suspect this is no accident. To illustrate the point, I scanned them side-by-side. The OQO is slightly narrower, which is necessary to make it fit in my shirt pocket given its 1" girth. By the way, don’t let this scan fool you – the screen on the OQO is gorgeous. ….


I set up a custom cover page for my OQO in InkSeine to make it feel just like a new moley fresh out of the shrink wrap. Now I feel like writing important stuff in here…."


Text and images: © 2008 KH

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Portrait Inking on the OQO Model 02

  1. Ken Hinckley says:

    Thanks for sharing about our project! I’m a fan of moleskinerie so I’m very honored to have my creation appear hear!

    We also have a video available that shows some of what the InkSeine application for Tablet PC’s is all about:

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s gorgeous…..!

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