The Notebooks of Michael Pokocky



I have been writing in journals since 1987 and before that in spiral notebooks.

I have been writing since I was 11 and am 53 now, so since I write everyday anywhere on everything that is a lot of writing.

Having kept this up without even having to try because I cannot see myself doing anything else for all these years I often wonder how many others out there are like me?

One of the most interesting things to come out of all this passion is 11 novels and thousands of poems.  What is interesting about this fact is that when the novels were written they seemed to write themselves.  I think personally it is the pen to paper connection that has been the conduit for my imagination at speeds so fast that sometimes I have to do sketches to capture the essence of an idea as it comes.  I am not an artist but a writer.  So the sketches [one I have attached] speaks for itself.

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I have also enclosed some photos and detailed shots of my current collection of 69 journals.
will see  used an artist sketchbook for quite some time until I
discovered the Moleskine.  Now that is all I use with a gel non-smear

Michael Pokocky

I am most likely at Cafe rue de Morin where I write much..