Update: The Undiscovered Letter


On April 3, 2008, the Art Directors Club hosted a diverse crowd of 400 at the ADC Gallery for its Disclosure event. A launch party for ADC Young Guns 6 as well as an exhibition of finalist work for The Undiscovered Letter, the event featured twenty-seven interpretations of the 27th letter of the alphabet created by former winners of ADC Young Guns.

Among the twenty-seven finalists whose entries and Moleskine® sketchbooks were shown, three were named Judges’ Favorites—Ivan Pols (member of the ADC Young Guns 5 class), Rei Inamoto (YG4), and Robin Bilardello (YG5)—and one was named the winner: Tiziana Haug (YG5). Haug’s 27th letter presented itself as “everything that the 26 letters fail to communicate” and took shape as a tangram-like construction made of the counterforms of each letter in the Latin alphabet. These counterforms, essentially cutouts of the negative space found in each letter (e.g., the triangle in “A”), comprised the building blocks of a new unit of communication. “If the 27th letter can be discovered, it has to be hiding somewhere,” according to Haug, and she explored both the idea of discovery and the meaning of communication with her emphasis that the 27th letter, though the result of random combinations, is personal at its core.

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