Update: What will people say about your journal when you are dead and gone?


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I was sitting at Starbucks this morning writing in my Moleskine
Journal. My wife was sitting across from me. The thought hit me, "I
wonder what my wife/friends will say as they reads this journal… when
I am dead and gone".

Perhaps a morbid thought, however, I write
really heavy, personal things in my journal. Honestly, there are things
in the journal that my wife/friends are clueless about. It might scare
them. If they read them now I might be divorced and friendless… lol.

Anyone else ever thought about that?

Anyone do "Secure Storage" (Safety Deposit Box or Safe) so that no one can secretly read them while you are still breathing?

Originally posted 3.3.08

Update 4.10.08

"For people who allow themselves to be totally and completely honest
about themselves and their lives, a journal could be very hurtful or
confusing to loved ones b/c, let’s face it, to be truly honest
w/oneself is to admit to the multifarious aspects of his character in
all its humanity–both well-intentioned and malicious: his reactions to
life’s events, the experiences he has lived, his genuine opinions of
friends, aquaintances, strangers(in all their humanity)…it requires a
great deal of resolve, as well, to release one’s deeply held thoughts
and feelings. To release genuine honesty from one’s own mind and
heart–from his very being–and to share it w/others is oftentimes not
only brave, but also complex, given that the repercussions can resonate

And then sometimes a journal is simply a place to vent about a
situation, confrontation, or misunderstanding which, soon after it
occurs, is resolved and even forgotten. I’m reminded of the scene in
Bridget Jones’ Diary when, after she and Mark Darcy admit their mutual
feelings, Mark finds Bridget’s journal and reads her initial opinions
of him. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who has yet to read the
book/see the film (yes–both have been out for a long while, but some,
like me, have legit. reasons for being behind in their novel-reading
and movie viewing!) Those who’ve read/seen it know what follows…"


"This is the best question…Maybe by the time some of us are gone, we could have a Moleskine Cemetary…"


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3 thoughts on “Update: What will people say about your journal when you are dead and gone?

  1. I try to write in my Moleskine without editing my thoughts for those who might read it after I’m dead. At that point it won’t affect me, but yes it will (not could) affect others who read it in some way. But, the journal isn’t for them it’s for me and a way for me to release my thoughts and emotions and to look at them as expressed in words in pen and ink in front of me. If someone reads my journals perhaps they will also see the progression of my life and thoughts as they move from one to the other chronologically as they were written.

  2. A friend’s stepdaughter committed suicide many years ago and when police found her moleskine diaries, they told the parents not to read what’s in them and have them bury it. I always remember that when I wite my daily logs, thoughts and feelings. Anything too hurtful I leave out of my Moleskine entries. I may enter my feelings at that moment about a certain someone and the reason why but i do it not such a hurtful way.
    As the saying goes, if you have anything bad to say (or write) about anyone, don’t say (or write) anything at all.

  3. Because I kept diaries for so long and was always venting about people I love, I’ve grown to make a couple of changes that keep me able to vent (sometimes you just gotta) while not being hurtful. 1. I include the good things about them. 2. If all I needed to do was vent, I go over the entry with a black Pitt pen and then write over that in white. I guess it’s like a blackboard in reverse. I like the idea of secret layers.

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