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Barry Galvin’s Bible Study Set-up

Long-time Moleskine user Barry Galvin shared his bible study set-up in a recent blog post: I’ve used these wonderful notebooks for many years, for my business and personal life. I use one pocket reporter’s notebook for logging Bible verse numbers … Continue reading

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What is in your Moleskine?

I just wonder every now and then what other people actually write in their little black books.  In mine, I write my interpretation of daily events though sometimes it takes a significant jolt to make me come up with something … Continue reading

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Etsy Find: Notebook Cover

Slim, Light weight notebook cover made from fade resistant marine canvas. We hope you enjoy our color & material choices and appreciate the simple, yet clever construction. Features: pen/pencil slot, elastic band closure, medium Moleskine notebook, pencil Dimensions: 5.25” X … Continue reading

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Putting the Mole back into a Moleskine®

In celebration of the launch of, we’ve released another video showing off the goof-ball comedy that goes on during the day at Etchstar’s laser engraving and etching studios in Los Angeles. Ben KatzEtchStar

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Our friend Joyce Godsey has come up with her version of notebook cozy, the MoleskineWrap. View on FLICKR 1 2© All rights reserved Also visit her site, SicPress

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LAist Interviews Jessie Baylin

LAist: You’ve been fortunate to make a lot of talented friends in Hollywood. What’s the best advice you received as you were just starting out in the LA music scene? My friend John Mayer once told me, "Just write. Write … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Day is done,gone the sun,From the hills,from the lake,From the skies.All is well,safely rest,God is nigh. Go to sleep,peaceful sleep.May the soldieror sailor,God keep.On the landor the deep,Safe in sleep. Love, good night,Must thou go,When the day,And the nightNeed thee … Continue reading

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Sighting: Ugly Betty

Luke S. from Kansas sent us these screengrabs from the latest episode of "Ugly Betty" with what looks like our favorite black notebook. Related link: Ugly Betty Official Site

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Featured Artist: Bili Bidjocka

Bili Bidjocka, was born in Douala, Cameroon, now works in Paris, Brussels and New York. He is widely exhibited, making his work on the road, turning the debris of urban living and its excesses into art. He participate the Venice … Continue reading

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A storyteller is a plagiarist

“By nature a storyteller is a plagiarist. Everything one comes across — each incident, book, novel, life episode, story, person, news clip — is a coffee bean that will be crushed, ground up, mixed with a touch of cardamom, sometimes … Continue reading

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