1000 Journals


C. McNair Wilson  on the 1000 Journals Project:

"Now a new wave of little books has been launched 1001 Journals. There, as with the original site you can register and sign up to have one of the new journals sent to you. You can also start your own journal to send around, or keep "closed" among a set group of friends, co-workers. You can also scan pages and download them to the website. I believe art was given to us by our Creator to provide a vehicle for us to illuminate, teach, and inspire each other through our individual creative expression. The original 1000 Journals Project and then Andrea’s film do all that and so much more.

What number journal will you be?"

Learn more at "Tea with McNair"

Photo: The 1000 Journals Project.

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  1. Thanks for the link and the plug. I just added a ” *This just in…” plug for your site at the bottom of your link here to my site. People will be go around in circles for hours.

    “Let your curiosity get the best of you”

    100% McNair!

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