7 Reasons To Ditch Your PDA And Switch To Pen And Paper


From Organize It /UK, more reasons to switch to pen and paper:

"It’s simple
What’s more simple than a basic biro pen and notepad from your local stationary store? A pencil perhaps? Really, this should be a no brainer.

It’s portable
Ok, sure. Maybe a iPhone, Blackberry and even a laptop is portable. You can travel from city to city with them fairly easily. But they simply don’t match up to paper solutions, which come in all sizes and can be folded, bent and even ripped up as required.

It’s cheap
No hi tech solution comes close in price. The gulf is so wide that you could even buy a good quality pen and a Moleskine and still have change spare for an holiday to Spain… maybe. Another plus is you won’t have to upgrade your notepad every other year to keep up with your techie friends…."


Photo: "Moleskine Thoughts" by NymphDuPave
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3 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Ditch Your PDA And Switch To Pen And Paper

  1. I love paper too! I have a Blackberry that stores my “database” information (contacts, calendar, etc.). But, I keep a small notebook with me for ideas, notes, phone conversations, meeting notes, etc.
    Oh, and I love moleskins! 🙂

  2. A couple of these articles come up from time to time and they seem very similar to me, really showing how much we would agree on these things. But I think putting pen to paper is just more FUN in the end.

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