Barry Galvin’s Bible Study Set-up


Long-time Moleskine user Barry Galvin shared his bible study set-up in a recent blog post:

I’ve used these wonderful notebooks for many years, for my business and personal life. I use one pocket reporter’s notebook for logging Bible verse numbers that are relevant to my current situation in life (if I’m happy, sad, confused, worrying, etc.), for writing study notes whilst reading my study Bible, for writing scenario-based scripts using the Evidence Bible as a guide, for taking notes whilst watching the various Christian TV channels on Sky Digital, and for quickly jotting down thoughts and feelings about my daily life. It’s a great capturing tool!

Learn more at Upon the Face of the Waters

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One thought on “Barry Galvin’s Bible Study Set-up

  1. Haha, I first thought this was a picture of what someone carries around daily in his/her bag. There are a lot of those on Flickr. I thought: ‘Wow, that looks heavy!’. Until I read what it actually is 🙂 I think for your purpose a nice Moleskine is just te perfect notebook.
    Cheers, Ed

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