Featured Artist: Bili Bidjocka

Bili Bidjocka, was born in Douala, Cameroon, now works in Paris, Brussels and New York. He is widely exhibited, making his work on the road, turning the debris of urban living and its excesses into art. He participate the Venice Biennale where he was the author of the ongoing project L’ecriture infinie. His work deals with issues of nationality, indeterminacy and identity, always informed by religious practices and rites from his birthplace. Some objects and ideas are collected on the streets to make a tribute to the hypocritical veneer over our indebtedness to the personal services industry, while on the other hand, investigating the underscoring insidiousness of the language of the industry. His installation pieces are meant to be methaphors for loss, absence, ravishment, and renewal. Quoting Okwui Enwezor, who selected him in the past Biennale of Johannesburg "They are reminders of the silence, the only left-over after the aggressive cleansing of the memories of migrants. On one side there are metaphors of loss and absence, filled with emptiness. On the other side are traces of ecstasy en longing."

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