Launch of Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook


Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons was a huge success!

Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons celebrated the launch of the Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook which was inspired by the Glass House site’s unique power of place, its role as a source of inspiration and the desire for visitors to pause, look closely and document their observations as part of their site experience.


Held in the beautiful Grill Room at the Four Seasons, the event attracted almost 150 individuals from the arts, architecture and design community. Attendees included individuals from the Museum of Modern Art, Parson’s School of Design, the Art Directors Club, the Frick Collection, Time Magazine, PEI Architects, IFC, the Emmy’s and the Donald Judd Foundation.

The event’s centerpiece exhibited a sculpture of a tiny replica of the Glass House, made out of a Moleskine notebook and fashioned by Steven Doyle. This piece, along with copies of the sketchbook, kept the entire night buzzing with intellectually stimulating conversation from beginning to end.


The sketchbook features 29 sketches by architects, designers, and artists inspired by the site, quotes by Philip Johnson, and blank pages for notes or sketching. The sketchbook will be a featured product of the 2008 Glass House Shop and all proceeds from this sketchbook will support Glass House initiatives.

Please visit to see the beautiful slideshow of the sketchbook’s images. We will soon provide a section that will invite students and the public to share their own sketches on the site.