Launch of Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook

Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons was a huge success! Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons celebrated the launch of the Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook which was inspired by the Glass House site’s unique power of place, its role as... Read More


The Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook

The mission of the Philip Johnson Glass House is to focus on being a center point for modern preservation and also to inspire new ideas and talent in architecture, design, and art.  In this spirit, the Glass House has launched... Read More


The Sketchbooks of Brian “Candykiller” Taylor

Brian Taylor describes Candykiller as a ‘collection of assorted visual ramblings’. It’s inspired by a multitude of things including trading cards, cheap novelties, Japanese pop culture, vintage cartoons, plastic toys, underground comix and sideshows. LINKS 1 2 [via... Read More


Subdueing the Moleskine’s resistance

Nita at InkTracks has found a way to deal with an issue that has perplexed many:"I’ve discovered that if I use 180-weight sandpaper and lightly stroke the paper, w/c will flow on MUCH better. I plan to use this sketchbook... Read More


What are the most original uses for a Moleskine?

ysatnaf says: There are all those uses listed in this thread, most of them very predictable: journal, sketchbook, memoir, planner… But does someone have something really extravagant? (I don’t.) Juan Kerr says: How about turning a large plain Moleskine into... Read More


Political Notes

The Hillary Clinton Laser Etched and Engraved Moleskine Notebook is bound in cardboard, with a ‘moleskine’ cover with rounded corners and an elastic enclosure. The acid-free pages are thread bound and the notebook includes an expandable inner note holder made... Read More


Featured Artist: Simon Njami

Simon Njami is an independent lecturer and art critic, and is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Revue Noire. He is also a consultant in visual arts for the Association Française d’Action Artistique. His extensive publications include essays in the catalogue for... Read More


Treasured Possessions

Diana Jue, staff columnist for MIT’s  The Tech, shares tips and tools for studying abroad: I leave you with what I’ve learned studying abroad. May it help you think about your own experiences. 1. Write and keep everything in a... Read More


On Keeping a Lot of Notebooks

"…despite my adoration of electronic gadgetry, I am also a notebook person. My infatuation with notebooks started when I was a child: a family member would give me the little pocket sized diaries that she received each year as a... Read More