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Launch of Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook

Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons was a huge success! Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons celebrated the launch of the Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook which was inspired by the Glass House site’s unique power of place, its role as … Continue reading

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The Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook

The mission of the Philip Johnson Glass House is to focus on being a center point for modern preservation and also to inspire new ideas and talent in architecture, design, and art.  In this spirit, the Glass House has launched … Continue reading

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The Sketchbooks of Brian “Candykiller” Taylor

Brian Taylor describes Candykiller as a ‘collection of assorted visual ramblings’. It’s inspired by a multitude of things including trading cards, cheap novelties, Japanese pop culture, vintage cartoons, plastic toys, underground comix and sideshows. LINKS 1 2 [via BoingBoing]

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The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats

The Life and Works of William Butler YeatsOnline Exhibition VISIT

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Subdueing the Moleskine’s resistance

Nita at InkTracks has found a way to deal with an issue that has perplexed many:"I’ve discovered that if I use 180-weight sandpaper and lightly stroke the paper, w/c will flow on MUCH better. I plan to use this sketchbook … Continue reading

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What are the most original uses for a Moleskine?

ysatnaf says: There are all those uses listed in this thread, most of them very predictable: journal, sketchbook, memoir, planner… But does someone have something really extravagant? (I don’t.) Juan Kerr says: How about turning a large plain Moleskine into … Continue reading

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Political Notes

The Hillary Clinton Laser Etched and Engraved Moleskine Notebook is bound in cardboard, with a ‘moleskine’ cover with rounded corners and an elastic enclosure. The acid-free pages are thread bound and the notebook includes an expandable inner note holder made … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Simon Njami

Simon Njami is an independent lecturer and art critic, and is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Revue Noire. He is also a consultant in visual arts for the Association Française d’Action Artistique. His extensive publications include essays in the catalogue for … Continue reading

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Treasured Possessions

Diana Jue, staff columnist for MIT’s  The Tech, shares tips and tools for studying abroad: I leave you with what I’ve learned studying abroad. May it help you think about your own experiences. 1. Write and keep everything in a … Continue reading

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On Keeping a Lot of Notebooks

"…despite my adoration of electronic gadgetry, I am also a notebook person. My infatuation with notebooks started when I was a child: a family member would give me the little pocket sized diaries that she received each year as a … Continue reading

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