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Rickshaw Moleskine Case

Mark Dwight updates the progress of Rickshaw’s Moleskine Case.Courtesy of Patrick Ng. [Thanks to Stephen Carrier]

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The Modofly Artists Collaborative

From our friend Ana Maria Seaton:    I am working with a fabulous company called Modofly [ ] who has gathered a collaborative collective of over 25 artists, myself included, to produce a new line of uniquely artful Moleskines. … Continue reading

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Track Spending With A Moleskine Notebook

Ben Popken at The Consumerist with a tip for keeping track of your finances, simply. One of the first steps to take in getting a handle on your budget is to start tracking your spending, and for those who like … Continue reading

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A love letter to Moleskine

Found this quaint plea in our online meanderings: "Well, dearheart, here is the one, single, tiny, itty bitty thing I want so badly I can feel it in my bones. A Moleskine of my own. Not just any Moleskine, oh … Continue reading

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Moresukine, the book

Dirk Schwieger of the Moresukine blog has compiled his sketches into a book: Dirk lived in Tokyo, had a comics blog where he had people dare him to try all sorts of different things, exotic, disgusting, revealing, whatever!, in this … Continue reading

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7 Reasons To Ditch Your PDA And Switch To Pen And Paper

From Organize It /UK, more reasons to switch to pen and paper: "It’s simpleWhat’s more simple than a basic biro pen and notepad from your local stationary store? A pencil perhaps? Really, this should be a no brainer. It’s portableOk, … Continue reading

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Softcover Moleskine Review

Black Cover’s Nick Carr takes a closer look at the new soft cover Moleskine notebook: "Besides being flexible, the cover is made of the standard Moleskine oil skin cloth (without being backed by a thick piece of cardboard). I was … Continue reading

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Debossing your Moleskine

No, its not taking your notebook off management’s hands. Eric Au, a Master’s Candidate in Industrial Design at the University of Calgary has come up with this very cool M Mod: "I have been a user of moleskines since about … Continue reading

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1000 Journals

C. McNair Wilson  on the 1000 Journals Project: "Now a new wave of little books has been launched 1001 Journals. There, as with the original site you can register and sign up to have one of the new journals sent … Continue reading

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Spray can painting and silk-screen printing Moleskine covers

I am a potter and a printmaker. I like etching and linocut but nowadays I make silkscreen prints and sometimes print directly into my moleskine sketchbook. Last week I was printing some T-shirts and suddenly decided to print the same … Continue reading

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