The Modofly Artists Collaborative

From our friend Ana Maria Seaton:    I am working with a fabulous company called Modofly [ ] who has gathered a collaborative collective of over 25 artists, myself included, to produce a new line of uniquely artful Moleskines.... Read More


Track Spending With A Moleskine Notebook

Ben Popken at The Consumerist with a tip for keeping track of your finances, simply. One of the first steps to take in getting a handle on your budget is to start tracking your spending, and for those who like... Read More


A love letter to Moleskine

Found this quaint plea in our online meanderings: "Well, dearheart, here is the one, single, tiny, itty bitty thing I want so badly I can feel it in my bones. A Moleskine of my own. Not just any Moleskine, oh... Read More


Moresukine, the book

Dirk Schwieger of the Moresukine blog has compiled his sketches into a book: Dirk lived in Tokyo, had a comics blog where he had people dare him to try all sorts of different things, exotic, disgusting, revealing, whatever!, in this... Read More


7 Reasons To Ditch Your PDA And Switch To Pen And Paper

From Organize It /UK, more reasons to switch to pen and paper: "It’s simpleWhat’s more simple than a basic biro pen and notepad from your local stationary store? A pencil perhaps? Really, this should be a no brainer. It’s portableOk,... Read More


Softcover Moleskine Review

Black Cover’s Nick Carr takes a closer look at the new soft cover Moleskine notebook: "Besides being flexible, the cover is made of the standard Moleskine oil skin cloth (without being backed by a thick piece of cardboard). I was... Read More


Debossing your Moleskine

No, its not taking your notebook off management’s hands. Eric Au, a Master’s Candidate in Industrial Design at the University of Calgary has come up with this very cool M Mod: "I have been a user of moleskines since about... Read More


1000 Journals

C. McNair Wilson  on the 1000 Journals Project: "Now a new wave of little books has been launched 1001 Journals. There, as with the original site you can register and sign up to have one of the new journals sent... Read More