Recent black notebook sightings


While watching the seventh season of the Stargate SG-1 series I realized that one of the main characters of the series Dr. Daniel Jackson uses a notebook that just have to be the Moleskine. It’s the third episode (Fragile Balance) of that season.

Wojciech Ruchniewicz
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Is this everybody’s favorite notebook in frame one of the webcomic "Questionable Content"?

Fred Kiesche
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7 thoughts on “Recent black notebook sightings

  1. I’ve seen them on NUMB3RS a couple of times (some kid who could predict horse races and was killed had his notes in one and then I saw it another time in a different context. I’ve seen one on Criminal Minds as well.

  2. I don’t know much about this cartoon, but it seems they intentionally leave out corporate names and so on, so it would make sense if these were generic versions of Moleskine with an avoidance of corporate product placement.

  3. Starbuck had a moleskine in this week’s episode of Galactica [Sorry, no screen cap … ]

    It had been cut with the show’s signature hexagon cut corners, but it was defininitely a moleskine.

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