Rickshaw Moleskine Case

Mark Dwight updates the progress of Rickshaw’s Moleskine Case.
Courtesy of Patrick Ng.

[Thanks to Stephen Carrier]

8 thoughts on “Rickshaw Moleskine Case

  1. The pocket that the back of the moleskine slids into- I’d make it like a sleeve, so that the fore edge of the moleskine is “exposed” just enough so that you could still use the elastic. That way I wouldn’t have to zip it up if I didn’t want to.

    There are countless planner covers out there made of tough nylon that have pen pockets a zippered pocket and a place for business cards. I dunno, you could pick up a 5×8 planner and pull out the planner part and have this.

    This is good for the moleskine planner crowd.

  2. Hmmm…looks a lot like a Bible case. Also, I fully realize that this is a prototype, but Mr. Dwight didn’t demonstrate closing the zipper after he loaded it, but it appeared that it might not even zip closed, especially with all the pens. On the plus side, it does look like it fits the Moleskine snugly (a definite must) and there are many useful pockets for items.

  3. Not bad. In black would be nice, or maybe some other material other than Nylon (i hate nylon, but that might be just me). And yeah, it does look like a Bible case.

  4. If anything I think the pens should be placed near the front and not in the case as it looks like it could end up denting the cover and making it bulky.

  5. It’s okay. I think you’ll have to come up some great materials and designs so it’s not just a plain, boring nylon cover. Maybe try some of the materials you used on the TED bags so that the covers are unique and eye-catching. Also, storing 4 pens/highlighters may make it too bulky–perhaps find a way to accommodate just one without adding to the thickness. Good luck.

  6. Looks nice. I’d like to see another pocket on the outside of the case, where you could slip a postcard or similar, without having to unzip the case. It’d be handy to store tickets or something you’d need quick access to.

  7. I agree with using a different material, rather than nylon…yuck…distressed leather maybe.

  8. Overall I think you are moving in the right direction

    I’d like to see the case have the following features:

    * I rather have a good quality waterproof nylon case. I happen to like and own things like the Maratac Extreme ManFolio, and nylon bags such as those made by Maxpedition and 5.11 Tactical Gear

    * However leather would be a nice, if more expensive, option.

    * I’d like to see the case in Black.

    * Make it large enough so that one can store a couple of #10 envelopes without folding them. A #10 envelope is a standard business-sized envelope which measures 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches.

    * Make it large enough to hold an 8.5 x 11 page just folded in half.

    * A Pen/Pencil loop would be a good feature.

    * Another pocket on the outside is a very good idea zipper or velcro closure might work.

    * Make sure that the case has enough “give” for that fat marker; users may want to include other things that are as or as nearly thick as that marker. I could see putting a couple of items into those pockets.

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