Softcover Moleskine Review


Black Cover’s Nick Carr takes a closer look at the new soft cover Moleskine notebook:

"Besides being flexible, the cover is made of the standard Moleskine oil
skin cloth (without being backed by a thick piece of cardboard). I was
a little surprised to find some nicks and a scratch in the cover when I
took it out of its shipping box – time will tell how durable it is to
wear and tear. But for the moment, I’ll chalk that up to the postal

…I still maintain this about a quarter of an inch too large, but with
the softcover, the dimensions are a lot more manageable. I put this in
my back pocket as I drove home from work today, and completely forgot
it was there….

…All in all, I was very impressed with the Moleskine softcover. It’s
firm enough to be durable, yet flexible enough to carry in pretty much
any pocket. It comes with all the perks of the standard hard cover
Moleskine, and besides the crooked lines, is a very strong little black

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2 thoughts on “Softcover Moleskine Review

  1. FYI, Patrick Ng had some novel ways to attach the soft notebook and hard cover notebook together using different clips and some people may want to see it again.

  2. Thanks for this post. I gave up trying to find the softcover Moleskines since they had been announced so long ago but after this I looked again and found one at the B&N. I really like it, much more than the hardcover ones and hope some of the enhancements here are incorporated into the softcover planners. Also, mine was in immaculate condition so I would think you are right in assuming the scuffs are from the shipping, not the manufacturer (although I could be lucky the lucky one, but I don’t think so).

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