Subdueing the Moleskine’s resistance


Nita at InkTracks has found a way to deal with an issue that has perplexed many:

"I’ve discovered that if I use 180-weight sandpaper and lightly stroke
the paper, w/c will flow on MUCH better. I plan to use this sketchbook
more often now. I’d tried changing the surface by spraying or adding
things to the paper–then suddenly realized I needed to sand *off* the
resistance. Eureka!"

Learn more at her blog.

Artwork © 2008 by the artist. All Rights Reserved.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Subdueing the Moleskine’s resistance

  1. TeriC says:

    This is an interesting way to work with that paper. I will try it. I have been using the old way of a drop of dish soap in the water. That always works for me.

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