The Modofly Artists Collaborative


From our friend Ana Maria Seaton:   

I am working with a fabulous company called Modofly [ ] who has gathered a collaborative collective of over 25 artists, myself included, to produce a new line of uniquely artful Moleskines. Their new site JUST went live with the new collection and I’m dancing all over the house. LOL There are some incredible artists and I hope that you will take a moment to wander through it and show it your support!
    You can find my journals via the links below but make sure you click on the "Journals & Sketchbooks" link at the top to check out the rest of the journals now available! There some really incredible artists and I am proud to be listed among them.
    Anytime you go to just type in the name "Ana Maria Seaton" or simply "Ria" and all of the journals that carry my art will come up. This is the first of many submissions and there are already more in the works!

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  1. How are these beautiful covers made? Is the art printed onto the covers? engraved? embossed? I’d like to get one as a travel journal, but I’m worried the art would wear off.

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