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Moleskine City Notebook Hong Kong & Beijing Versions Launched!

Patrick  Ng reports on the launching of the Moleskine Hong Kong and Beijing versions "After a week of setting up the Travel Photo Cafe promotion in various stores (which I will cover later), I must say a BIG THANK YOU … Continue reading

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Moly_X Moleskine Exchange in the news

Anna Denise van der Reijden wrote to tell us that one of the Moly_X Moleskine Exchange groups, Group 4 got featured in a Dutch newspaper, the Nrc Next last Friday. You can find the article with translation here. Congratulations on … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Federico Fellini

Here’s a quote to ponder from Lina Wertmuller as we go into the weekend: “Fellini said, ‘When you are trying to direct, they will tell you there are a lot of rules. Of course these rules are important, but in … Continue reading

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Sightings: The All-For-Nots

It seems that our favorite notebook is along for the ride with the band Bebo as they crisscross the country in "The All For Nots". Screengrabs by our friend Leslie Russell. Thanks! About the show: " Come along on a … Continue reading

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Metadata to your Moleskine

Daniel at "Hack Your Day Productivity" offers a list of interesting tips: Positioning your metadata – The most important thing when placing your metadata in your Moleskine is to go inwards. Put the most relevant or most important bit of … Continue reading

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Imagine Re-Designing Reality

Referring to our earlier post, reader Luigi P. pointed us to the Codex Serpahinianus Gallery at Brainsturbator. A snip: Just hypothetically, of course.  It only has to work on paper.  You could also use legos, or design a computer program, … Continue reading

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The Notebooks of a Caudetano

Inspired by Gauguin, flora, sceneries of ethereal hues and colorful characters, "Caudetano" presents his works. My name is Cristobal , I am a watercolour painter who lives in Caudete (Albacete) , Spain , it´s a town of many watercolorists.I am … Continue reading

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Double Moleskine Wrap

These canvas wraps hold two or potentially three small Moleskine Journals, in such a way that they are easily accessible. You can flip it open and start writing all with one hand. The cover of the first Moleskine slides into … Continue reading

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Ultimate Note-Taking

I was walking down a street in Istanbul near the Hagia Sophia when loudspeakers atop an army of high minarets began blaring the Muslim prayers. I stopped, pulled a small audio recorder out of my over-the-shoulder bag (a manly bag, … Continue reading

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MyDetour Paris: The Jury Selection

The jury has finally chosen the ten notebooks that will be exhibited on public display on myDetour Berlin. The first one is the one considered the best of all by the jury, and its author will be invited to Berlin … Continue reading

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