How to ruin a perfectly good Moleskine


groc says:
y’all seen this?

O moon, do not keep her  says:

Kind of seems like a waste of money somehow… For notebooks, Moleskines are fairly expensive.
Posted 26 hours ago.

cellospiller says:

In digital photography, there is a kind of people that are always trying to emulate film by using computers. I think this is the same kind of people… they probably never quite got the idea…The money should not be a problem: You can buy quite a few moleskines for the price of one of those phones.

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4 thoughts on “How to ruin a perfectly good Moleskine

  1. People are just excited about doing really wierd things to be too creative–most wouldn’t do them in the end. But as for “Moleskines being expensive for notebooks” (true too)–I keep telling people who “don’t get it” (not regulars to these sights). Moleskines are really not comparable to NOTEBOOKS. They are comparably priced to leather journals and blank books of the same size. Otherwise these people think you’re paying $18 for something like a spiral notebook at the drugstore–they genuinely don’t know what’s being talked about.

  2. Yea he ruined the moleskine but he put it to another use, which is actually pretty cool.
    I think it’s a good idea IF you want to hide the fact that you are holding a very expensive device.. especially while in the subway or the bus…

  3. I think this is a very cool idea. I’ve always thought reading a book on a digital device lacked the “romance” of reading a printed paper book and this seems to be a start in bridging the gap. I think I would’ve added more finishing touches; but that’s just the artist in me. I’m glad it was shared.

  4. This is totally hilarious. If I saw someone reading a “book” on their iPhone I’d think it was lame, but covering it up to make it look booklike? Hil-ar-i-ous. But then I don’t understand how people can read entire tomes on a digital medium anyway. The beat up paperback novel will never die!

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