Moleskine City Notebook Hong Kong & Beijing Versions Launched!


Patrick  Ng reports on the launching of the Moleskine Hong Kong and Beijing versions

"After a week of setting up the Travel Photo Cafe promotion in various
stores (which I will cover later), I must say a BIG THANK YOU to
Moleskine, its distributor and colleagues who helped to pull this off
smoothly.  Finally, the long awaited Hong Kong and Beijing City
Notebook versions are launched, the first 2 Asian cities for many to
come.  Moleskine enthusiastically rushed to release these two notebooks
in order to catch the Beijing Olympic event, which generated a lot of
excitement among the locals…"

With all these new versions and customized notebooks coming out I’m beginning to hear from friends who buy them as collector’s items.

Learn more at Patrick’s blog, "Scription"

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