Moleskine Wallet Hack



Inspired by a friend who was using his Moleskine as a wallet, I decided
to design a Moleskine "wallet cover" to hold cash, credit cards, Moo
mini-cards, and a pen. The cover is mounted tightly, holds everything
securely, doesn’t add too much bulk, and slides in and out of a pocket
with ease. This should encourage me to always have my Moleskine within
reach whenever ideas strike.


Moleskine Wallet Hack by Richard Bryan

Learn more at Operation Orange on FLICKR

All rights reserved RB

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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9 Responses to Moleskine Wallet Hack

  1. Rasmus says:

    Now THAT is a friggin’ sweet mod. Very much my style.

  2. LivSimpl says:

    Great idea and a great design. I’d love to see detailed patterns/instructions on how to create one. I’d even pay for one if I could find it for sale!

  3. jgodsey says:

    oohh now that’s very clever.
    I like the moo card holders!!

  4. Where are the step-by-step instructions? I desperately need this.

  5. The best instructions I have right now are post-construction on flickr ( ). You should be able to replicate what we did using the flickr photos and comments. I’ll try to talk my wife into making more for sell on etsy and/or a detailed instructable ( The credit really belongs to my wife for this. She did all the sewing and craft work!

  6. Sophie Brown says:

    You could definitely sell these. I know people have been complaining about not having a place to keep their pen since Moleskine came out these past 10 years. And a lot of people are not so crafty as your wife.
    And this is not so much just a novel idea but more functional as well.

  7. Sophie Brown says:

    Someone on Flickr was wondering about the coins. What I would do is get some coin purses, the ones i’m thinking of I saw at Virgin records, they were Japanese and made of paper, and then it could (if the right size) fit right into one of the slots.

  8. ^^ Great solution for storing coins. I’ve never seen the paper coin purses you mention, but will keep my eye out for them.

  9. Tony Spunzo says:

    Where did the detailed instructions go? or where may I buy this increadable product?

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