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Etsy find: Chinatown RED fused Plastic Moleskine Sleeve

"This red Moleskine notebook sleeve is a slick way to protect your precious volumes from wear. This fused plastic sleeve fits one standard (5.25 x 8.25) moleskine notebook or 3 (5.25 x 8.25) Cahier notebooks. I use these sleeves to … Continue reading

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Raylene Gorum: New Constructions

An update from our friend Ray Gorum: I’ve got some great photos from the opening up on my new + improved website thanks to Kyle + Baharak.  The art filled the large space but the double sketchbook might have stole … Continue reading

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Confession from a journal

I spent this afternoon reading through my journal. Wow, I forget to inject and misspell a lot of words. My journal makes me laugh and brood over my own thoughts. Every page I shake my head and giggle that I … Continue reading

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Sighting: Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns from Silverchair with his little black book that he writes his lyrics and ideas for songs in.Photo: Edwina Pickles. Read the full story by Andrew Murfett at The Age/Australia [Thanks to  Perry M. and Stephen Shelley]

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How to ruin a perfectly good Moleskine

groc says: y’all seen this? O moon, do not keep her  says: Kind of seems like a waste of money somehow… For notebooks, Moleskines are fairly expensive.Posted 26 hours ago. cellospiller says: In digital photography, there is a kind of … Continue reading

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Moleskine Review of the Pelikan M200

Stephanie (Biffybeans) has posted her latest pen musings: Out of the box – it’s small. Smaller than I expected but it fits the hand quite well. Very light. Too lazy and eager to flush it, I filled it with Noodler’s … Continue reading

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My Moleskine in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Picture of my Moleskine taken in the evening Gil’s restaurant located in Stari Grad, Dubrovnik. Stari Grad or simply Grad , means "Old City" in Croatian is an ancient fortress that began construction in the 13th Century. My Moleskine taken … Continue reading

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Sighting: Ultimate Fighter

Mike Oliveri sent screen caps from the latest episode of Ultimate Fighter (season 7, episode 11). The camera caught fighter Tim Credeur writing in his journal, which appears to be a Moleskine. Related links:The Ultimate Fighter (show)Tim Credeur profile  

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A pocket documentary project

Filmmaker Rick Montalvo is looking for fellow Moleskine users in the SF area:At any one given time I carry 3-4 Moleskines: Soft Cover plain Soft cover squared Soft cover weekly planner + notes and the Storyboard….because I am a digital … Continue reading

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Murakami on writing novels

"…in China today there are lots of wonderful gates still standing. Do you know how the Chinese built these gates? People would take carts out to old battlefields and gather the bleached bones that were buried there or lay scattered … Continue reading

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