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Discussion: What is in your Moleskine?

Notes of all types, I use my Moleskine primarily as an analog alternative to my BlackBerry and ThinkPad tools. It’s a method of capturing thoughts and ideas which are important to me going forward. I find it rather relaxing to … Continue reading

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Stefano Faravelli’s “Passage to Egypt” Moleskine

Stefano Faravelli was born in Turin. After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, he graduated from the University of Turin. Since 1987, he has worked as stage designer and painter at Guido Ceronetti’s "Teatro del Sensibili". He displayed … Continue reading

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Moleskine Wallet Hack

Inspired by a friend who was using his Moleskine as a wallet, I decided to design a Moleskine "wallet cover" to hold cash, credit cards, Moo mini-cards, and a pen. The cover is mounted tightly, holds everything securely, doesn’t add … Continue reading

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Moleskine Kangoo

I am just thinking if Moleskine Reporter users face the same problem that I have. Items placed in the pocket has to be poured out or dug out. I have found an elegant solution that is free and takes only … Continue reading

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Keep a Journal – Find Yourself

Steve Osborne shares a post on journaling keeping. His long list of of published works includes over 300 magazine articles, including profiles and travel articles for such magazines as Popular Photography, Writer’s Digest and Backpacker, as well as several books … Continue reading

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Wine Lover’s Cahier

Another random Etsy find: "Printed in rich purples and greens, this design is perfect for the connoisseur who wants to keep notes on favorite wines. As Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "Wine is bottled poetry." I drew a loose grapevine … Continue reading

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Sweet Decay

"The primary goal of a notebook is to get out of the way… to disappear. It does this by perfectly fitting into your writing situation. How accessible does it need to be? What notebook tangibles do you need? How will … Continue reading

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Hugh MacLeod’s Framed Moleskine

"It was a single drawing in a brand new Moleskine notebook. Which as you will see from the photo above, I went out and got mounted and framed. This will look good on somebody’s wall…" More at gapingvoid

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Steampunkt Notebook?

A reader brought this discussion thread over at the Steampunkt Forum to our attention. "I’ve always like the moleskine note books and journals both for their history and simple elegance. As a "Victorian PDA" I’ve wondered about ways to steam … Continue reading

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moly_x_24 Update

More stunning works on Moleskine by the group moly_x_24:   Pedro Lucena, Brazil  szaza: Samantha, USA  blackvampire: Kerstin, Germany  witness24601: Justin, USA  J. Asher Lynch, USA  macrocurry: Marta, USA Learn more at their group blog

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