Sighting: Daniel Johns


Daniel Johns from Silverchair with his little black book that he writes his lyrics and ideas for songs in.
Photo: Edwina Pickles.

Read the full story by Andrew Murfett at The Age/Australia

[Thanks to  Perry M. and Stephen Shelley]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Sighting: Daniel Johns

  1. Sophie Brown says:

    These sightings are getting funny. If you’ve been watching the natural progression of this for 10 years…You can watch Moleskine become something most people have heard of. Like right now this is happening. The only thing–when shows in the 10PM lineup use Moleskines they never use the brand name like in real life–the characters on the show pay no attention to the notebook at all, they just use it like an ordinary prop.

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