Sweet Decay


"The primary goal of a notebook is to get out of the way… to
disappear. It does this by perfectly fitting into your writing
situation. How accessible does it need to be? What notebook tangibles
do you need? How will it withstand a beating? By fitting into how you
write, a notebook becomes invisible. It wastes none of your time
because any moment you spend noticing the notebook is a moment you
could be noticing something else, and writing about it.

But that’s not what makes a notebook truly sexy…."

Rands in Repose
© 2008 All Rights Reserved.

[via Mike Rohde and Akshaye Dhawan]

One thought on “Sweet Decay

  1. I actually laughed out loud. We’re so fascinated by this subject that we can read similar articles a dozen times and maintain interest. And the comments are always like, “This is so original!” And I mean that in a very good-spirited way. The best thing about the article is the picture. People even take photos of a Moleskine still in the wrapper and post it on Flickr. And we all stop and look…

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