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Patrick Ng posts about his plans for the latest Travel Cafe:

This is the second year I host a Travel Cafe thematic promotion at Festival Walk store.  In addition to this year’s larger promotion at Times Square city’super, we still have a more content driven promotion at LOG-ON in Festival Walk.  This Polaroid is part of the concept development material I did.  In it a Bialetti moka express, Moleskine city notebook with Gfeller Casemakers cover painted with black leather shoe polish (Thanks to Steve Light who taught me that!), Midori Traveler’s Notebook, metal globe and cardboard card case and a Minolta A camera.  I’ve designed a postcard which will be freely distributed before the fair in mid-June 2008.

The fun thing about this fair is that other than just showing people travel related products, there will be a small talk with speakers from Lomography, Lonely Planet and Moleskine.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Cafe

  1. I’m a big fan. It’s a great picture, great idea. Just make sure you say for certain where it is. Is this in Times Square? See, there’s room for confusion.

  2. Patrick’s pictures are unbelievable. I wish I could purchase a poster of them or something. I especially love the worn, black leather binder.

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