Orwell’s Diaries

Orwell’s diaries will be serialized to commemorate its 70th anniversary. "From 9th August 2008, you will be able to gather your own impression of Orwell’s face from reading his most strongly individual piece of writing: his diaries. The Orwell Prize... Read More


Giving your ideas room to grow

From the Innovation Tools blog, a nice little post reminding us to allow our concepts lots of space and to go free range…. Many creativity experts recommend carrying some system for recording ideas with you wherever you go. My tool... Read More


Discussion: Of Moleskine and Pens

I admit it, I am an addict of fountain pens.  I could not help feeling the glide of tiny metal tines on smooth paper, watching the trail of gleaming ink dry on the surface, binding with cellulose and immortalizing your... Read More



We got a couple of queries on this book by Sam Harrison. Natasha and Henry, here it is: Observe and Take Note "Ideas have short shelf lives. We find them one second, forget them the next. That’s why it’s smart... Read More


World Record of Thickness

This is a repost from ’06. Anybody knows if this record has been topped? "My KM2P just before week review. I count a number of indexcard inside. There are 94 cards! It must be world record at the moment. 🙂... Read More


Moleskine notebooks and Reporting for Generation Kill

Evan Wright, author of "Generation Kill" mentions his notebook of choice in a recent post at the Penguin Blog. From a reporting-standpoint all of this posed difficulties. My suit had only one small pocket. For all the deficiencies one encounters... Read More


Moleskine hack: secret compartments

After the success of his Moleskine wallet/GTD hack Michael Mordant presents the making of  …"The Secret Compartments." I was inspired by several other posts on similar stuff I looked at. I pulled out an old beat up Moleskine that had... Read More


MoleskineCity is looking for a few good writers

Calling all writers! MoleskineCity.com is looking for city contributors in the San Francisco, CA area to cover local events, stories, places of interest and other noteworthy topics for online publication in their new SF blog. Check out the various city... Read More


A list of things I use my Moleskine for

I pretty much use mine in an addicted way like a daily log/diary with lots of photos recording events in my life. I lead a busy life so pages fill pretty quickly. I average 1 Moleskine lined large notebook per... Read More