A list of things I use my Moleskine for

Gone Fishin'

I pretty much use mine in an addicted way like a daily log/diary with
lots of photos recording events in my life. I lead a busy life so
pages fill pretty quickly. I average 1 Moleskine lined large notebook
per 3 months or less. I put entertainment, sport event tickets I
attend, photos, autographs of famous people I encounter, books I read


I also have a pocket Moleskine I enter memorable astronomical
viewings, comets, eclipses, observations of the deep sky objects
through telescopes of others etc.

I then have another pocket Moleskine on the go to record information I
may refer later. Quotes or good lines I hear or read I may use in my

Then of course i have my reliable Moleskine Agenda. This year i used
the Red one with the flexible red note book and phone book 3 in 1. I
found it great but little too bulky for the front shirt pocket so for
2009 I got the Black agenda with phone book, little thinner.

I also have and love my New York City Book. I’ve been to new York 9
times last year. It has been an unseparable companion. It is
functional and very cool. I wish though you could buy the clear
acetate self sticky sheets you put over the maps separately. Once you
run out of them that’s it. You then start writing on the actual maps
and it eventually creates a mess.

The manufacturer also listened to my only complaint that was the very
light and hard to read type face on the agendas. 2009 they have
corrected this problem and now the dates are very easy to read.

Be well my Moleskine addict friends.

Clear Skies and Good Writing Always

Fred "bookworm"

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