Dave Gibson’s Notebook


The New Zealand Herald asked Elemeno P’s lead singer Dave Gibson how he travels:

"What type of luggage do you carry?
I’m not a branded luggage kind of guy but I have a big silver hard case spaceship-looking bag … with wheels on it, of course.

What’s always in your hand luggage?
My laptop, iPod (been replaced with an iPhone) and my Moleskine journal (turns out I’m more of a branded journal kind of guy).

Planner or last-minute packer?
I have a packing list saved on my laptop and usually just use that the night before.

More of this interview here.

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One thought on “Dave Gibson’s Notebook

  1. With respect, is it really relevant that someone whom we’ve never heard of (or for that matter, someone we have heard of) carries a Moleskine?

    I think “The Legendary Toenail Clippers Of Eleanor Roosevelt” says it all:


    Unlike the author of the “Toenail Clippers” post, I don’t begrudge people for frequenting a site devoted to a certain notebook, but honestly, who cares which obscure rock musician carries which notebook?


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