Discussion: Of Moleskine and Pens


I admit it, I am an addict of fountain pens.  I could not help feeling
the glide of tiny metal tines on smooth paper, watching the trail of
gleaming ink dry on the surface, binding with cellulose and
immortalizing your thoughts. It is an enormously pleasurable feeling
and best of all, it unwinds my day, relieving my thoughts of

excitement, frustrations and unfulfilled aspirations.

It is like resetting my mind for the next day or the day ahead as the
case may be.  Pairing with this obsession, the Moleskine is a great
notebook because of its compact profile, good paper quality, practical

closure band and the useful pocket in the back cover. Excellent for
travel and it does not take too much space among the things I daily
bring to work.  I can pull it out and start writing as thoughts stream
out of nowhere in the middle of a busy (or not so busy) day.

Call it therapeutic writing, a comfort journal, or simply a repository
of musings. I know that the pair of a good fountain pen with an extra
fine nib and my moleskine is a constant companion, a friend and
confidant that will probably be the closest thing to a clone of my

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